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Founded in 1979, the Barzagli Generatori S.a.s. is at the top  in the field of the precision mechanics. In first years ' 90, the company has been specialized in the construction of machinery for the not cryogenic technical gas production, which nitrogen and oxygen.

Thanks to 20 years experience, the realization of the systems is completely  inside of the company (from the certified  pressure containers to all the others mechanical members).

As a result of an agreement stipulated with the German society Rütgers Carbotech Engineering GmBh, owner of licences P.S.A. nitrogen since 1974 and thanks to continuous searches and experimentations for the improvement of the performances of the P.S.A. nitrogen/oxygen, the Barzagli Generatori S.a.s. has been able to offer to the domestic and international market a product highly recommended under the technological  profile of the fabrication.

The Generating systems of Barzagli Generatori  are today synonymous of reliability, functionality and guarantee in many European and international countries. It be possible to obtain a such qualitative level thanks also to the scrupulous choice of the technicians and the collaborators that  with their experience and their professionalism, have concurred with the company to impose on the world-wide market the own systems.

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The Nitrogen Generators
are manufactored for:
Rutgers Carbotech

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